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Policy Analysis & Intelligence

For health care organizations, small changes to legislative proposals, statutes and regulations can directly impact operations, capacity, and can even be life or death matters for those they serve. At JTS Policy and Strategy, we make sure our clients understand the latest developments, threats and opportunities as they arise. Yet merely tracking and explaining policy is not enough. We stay abreast of the trends so we can anticipate policy change before it occurs, and to make sure our clients are making their voices heard in the policymaking process

Together, we’ll navigate the rapidly changing environment to achieve your mission.




Strategic Communications

Today, at our fingertips we have more tools, avenues and resources for communicating than ever and yet somehow most of what we hear is just “noise.” Policy communications is about more than just creating talking points and one-pagers (though we’re really good at both) – it’s about honing your message and choosing your medium so that your message breaks through, and sticks. Creative and thoughtful communications are a critical aspect of any comprehensive advocacy effort, and can be the most effective way to connect with, and influence, policymakers.

Together, we’ll tell your story to effectively advance your strategic priorities.


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Advocacy Strategy &
Government Relations

When your organization needs to take your message directly to policymakers, we will work with you at every step: we'll establish objectives, hone your arguments, evaluate your assets, make a plan, and put it into action – and we won’t let go until you've achieved your objective. Effective advocacy requires persistence, commitment, and creativity. It’s also about relationships. John prides himself on cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships with policymakers in both the executive and legislative branches, at multiple levels of government, and across the political aisle.

Together, we’ll achieve your goals through Congressional, regulatory and state-level action.




Public Speaking

Just as it’s important to let policymakers know what your organization is doing and what change you're looking for, sometimes you need someone to come in and explain what’s going on in Washington, and how that relates to your organization’s operations and mission. John has always loved taking complex policy topics and breaking them down into understandable concepts and building blocks. John has several prepared keynote talks—on the health policy landscape and outlook, effective advocacy, strategic planning, and “deep dives” into particular topics—and will always work with clients to tailor any presentation to their particular needs.

Together, we’ll engage your audience and bring them together around a common purpose.