Our Philosophy



At JTS Policy & Strategy, our commitment is to you, your team, and your mission. We like to get our hands dirty—we believe that’s the only way to make sure you get the results you signed up for. Commitment means taking the time to completely understand the complexity of your policy challenges and brainstorming solutions and strategies together. It means there is no meeting or task or challenge too small or too large to bring us in on. It means acting as your voice when that’s needed, and plugging away behind the scenes when your team needs to be in the spotlight.


Your needs and goals are unique, which means there is no one formula for success—the key is bringing a big and varied toolbox to the table, and then knowing when to use which tool. That may mean making a public splash against conventional wisdom, or engaging an unlikely voice to make your case. It may mean reshaping your arguments or changing your visual presentation of the facts to connect with a particular audience. Besides being a consultant and coach, John is an artist (painter, photographer, sculptor) and always brings a creative mindset to bear on every client’s agenda.


All the commitment and creativity in the world only goes so far—your organization deserves meaningful, measurable results you can see and understand. We believe in working with clients up front to lay out those expectations and get clear on how each will be measured—and we expect to be judged based on delivering results. Policy doesn’t take place in a vacuum, however. Therefore, part of our work with clients is regularly revisiting objectives and tactics based on changes in the environment and new opportunities, so your strategy is best designed to succeed no matter what.